Established in 2004, Pixel Inspiration is the UK’s leading implementer of digital signage and out of home media solutions.

12 years has seen a lot of changes for us

We’re successful because we understand what you want: outstanding service, the best price performance solution and the right content in the right place at the lowest cost. That might sound obvious, but few of our competitors are getting it right. Our team offers the whole shebang for implementing advanced, data driven digital media solutions across the UK. This includes technical consultancy, project management, content design, installation and maintenance.

And you can trust our technology. We use SCALA software as the basis for the majority of our work – one of the most stable and scalable software solutions available. Our secret sauce is strategic thinking. By working with some of the world’s leading visual psychologists, we understand what works best when it comes to digital content. So let’s get together and make digital signage an integral part of your larger sales and communication strategy. Pixel is ready to inspire your future.

We’ve also won loads of awards, most recently for our work with Harry Ramsden.

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