It was 2004 when Nikk, Barry and Darren decided that the world needed a company dedicated to the creation and management of content for digital screens in out of home environments. With backgrounds in marketing, print and online technology the three combined forces with a provider of managed services to create Pixel Inspiration.

We invested a lot of time in those early years discovering, in partnership with the University of Wales’ Visual Consumer Psychology department, exactly what works and what doesn’t on screens of all shapes and sizes in all environments.

After two years concentrating on building our digital content production skills and resources, we expanded the team so that we could begin to offer hardware procurement, installation and support, together with software integration skills, because we believed that it was only companies with these capabilities in-house that would be able to take on the largest and most technically challenging digital media projects. The strategy seems to have paid off because we’re now a 70+ strong team dedicated to supporting over 90 ‘big brand’ clients such as Argos, Boots, Lloyds Bank, TK Maxx and O2.

We’re an award winning, highly motivated team, but even though we’ve grown significantly, we’ve worked hard to keep our agility and small company ethos. Our clients love this, they know we’ll always go the extra mile to help them achieve their digital ambitions.

Whether you need content production, hardware provision and installation or long term remote and on site support, we’re able to help. And we can help all over the world too, with presence across Europe, the USA and Australasia.

So, if you’re looking for just one of our services or a one stop shop for all of your digital media communication needs, whether it be in-store, in-restaurant, office, warehouse, call centre or hospital, we’re here to help, so why not get in touch today by calling +44 161 713 2333 or send us an email at


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