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AUDIENCE analytics

Capture rich audience data and prove ROI

Understanding who’s interacting with your digital media content can provide huge benefits to those wanting to constantly improve their audience communications and interaction or justify the value of their digital media estate to advertisers or affiliate partners.

For many years it’s been possible to delve deeply into the usage of your website, but being able to do this with physical estates has been a different challenge altogether.


With more recent advances in sensors and software, it’s now possible to track, in a GDPR compliant manner,  all sorts of audience and customer behaviour, including:​​

  • Footfall

  • Customer Traffic flows

  • Content/campaign performance by audience type

  • Dwell times

  • Gender and age splits per location over time

  • Campaign influence across multiple locations


We work with various sensors, from the simplest of cameras through to advanced fish-eye and LIDAR enabled units. Data is collected, anonymised and then delivered to secure cloud portals, where it can be subsequently interrogated, compared and visualised.  We're also able to integrate the sensor data streams with our content playback engines, allowing for digital content to react to live conditions, for the ultimate in automated content localisation.


Over the years we've been using these systems we've  built-up an in-house expertise in data collection and analysis, but we’re equally able to provide the infrastructure only and let our clients handle their data directly.