As the principal subsidiary of Lloyds Banking Group, Lloyds Bank retail have been working with us for a number of years and continue to be a great digital leader within the banking industry.

The majority of their estate consists of traditional wall mount displays behind counters where we know dwell and attention time are highest.

In 2016, Pixel became the main agency for content production for Lloyds Bank. This is through our knowledge and research of what attracts and engages customers to interact with digital signage that we can develop and produce ‘disruptive content’. On average, Pixel produce several marketing campaigns a quarter for their digital screens.

Additionally in 2015, Lloyds Bank opened their first innovation branch in Clapham Junction which features a six screen touch video wall and interactive e-tiles. Pixel developed bespoke content that allows the branch to be the first literature free branch in the estate, thus reducing their print costs. Customers can now instead read about all products and services on the interactive e-tiles whilst additionally being able to search the local area for useful information, such as house prices when discussing mortgage opportunities with colleagues. Other hardware capabilities include a theatrical projection at night from instore the branch and a switch which allows colleagues to turn on and off bespoke messaging such as ‘Mortgage Advisors Available Today’, this enables the branch to remain reactive and flexible with their services.

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What the client said

“Pixel are great to work with, they go the extra mile to get things done. They put 100% effort into every piece of work they deliver. I'd recommend them for anyone wanting to create new digital signage.”

Lloyds Banking Group

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