We have worked with Lloyds Banking Group for several years, implementing corporate communication solutions for their operational offices across the UK. A mixture of free standing digital signs, coupled with more traditional wall mounted displays convey the latest information on the group’s performance and also the status of projects and systems.

Free standing signs and traditional wall displays connect to our managed signage platform using a 3G cellular connection with VPN connectivity, ensuring that screen updates are able to reach each location without touching the cellular operator’s public network.

We have designed and produced over 30 unique dynamic templates, which allow every business team that wants to update the screens the flexibility they need to communicate quickly and effectively. Screens rotate between pre-set channels of corporate communications and their branded content that plays in live stores whilst colleagues additionally have the opportunity to select the specific channels via synced control tablets.

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What the client said

“Pixel are great to work with, they go the extra mile to get things done. They put 100% effort into every piece of work they deliver. I'd recommend them for anyone wanting to create new digital signage”

Lloyds Banking Group.

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