In 2016, The Royal Bank of Scotland undertook a re-brand programme to help reshape and focus what the RBS of the future would stand for in the minds of its customers and the wider public. One element to this re-brand was the devolution of the RBS umbrella, creating defined separate identities for each sub-brand within the parent RBS (Royal Bank, NatWest etc.).

As part of the re-branding exercise, Pixel were selected to become the creative partner for in-branch digital signage content. With well over 700 branches across Scotland and the rest of the UK, Royal Bank relies on it’s in-branch network to not only reinforce wider marketing campaigns but also bring customer-relevant and bespoke communications to its loyal bricks and mortar customer base.

A large part of the challenge Pixel faced, was understanding the huge shift from the established Royal Bank brand we all know, to the fresh new-look Royal Bank. This meant lots of time spent working in collaboration with multiple agencies and consultation sessions with the client to ensure Pixel fully understood what the in-branch screens needed to be conveying and come up with a coherent plan on the ‘how’ it was going to be said.

Pixel’s talented team of dedicated designers, copywriters and content strategists worked alongside key stakeholders at Royal Bank to bring the new brand to life in branches up and down the UK. With a heavy focus on live action footage and simple yet impactful supporting graphical elements, we produced an array of high quality, bespoke content that helped bring through key brand characteristics and messages. To support this claim, we were one of the agencies chosen by the client to become a ‘brand champion’ in late 2016, acknowledging how Pixel had successfully aided the re-brand launch and took up the challenge of shifting consumer perceptions and associations towards the bank.

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