Launched in February 1997 as a joint venture between J Sainsbury’s and Bank of Scotland, Sainsbury’s Bank became the first supermarket bank in the UK. In early 2014, Sainsbury’s took full ownership of the Sainsbury’s Bank business and today offer a range of award-winning financial products including credit cards, savings and loans, mortgages, insurance, and travel money. That latter product is where our story with the brand begins.

It all started back in 2012…

Sainsbury’s Bank first engaged Pixel back in 2012 to act as their digital solutions agency for the new ‘Superstore’ at Rugby. The store was having a Saisnbury’s Bank Travel Money bureau fitted, requiring a digital rateboard solution. We worked closely with the store design team to supply a solution that melded seamlessly with the bureau’s back wall. The solution took the shape of a single 42″ NEC pro-grade display powered by a small form factor media player running Scala’s digital signage software. Daily exchange rates, supplied via Travelex’s API feed, are pulled into a dynamic content template designed by Pixel’s in-house studio team. This content is supplemented by marketing related content pieces supplied by Sainsbury’s Bank and animated by Pixel.

Since that first site, we have now installed over 270 media players and 400 screens across the 240 Travel Money bureau sites Sainsbury’s Bank run across the UK. Typically these days we install 2 portrait NEC narrow bezel screens behind the counter (1 for rates and 1 for promotional content) as well as a portrait digital totem in the entrance lobby of each supermarket that highlights a mix of rates and the best offers to passing shoppers. In sites split across two floors, we also provide an additional totem. With these totems, we work closely with furniture fabrication partners to deliver a stellar solution that not only impacts upon behaviour but also matches the aesthetic design of each install environment.

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