Covid Secure Solutions

We can provide a variety of digital technology and solutions to actively manage the capacity of your store, venue, canteen or workplace, helping you  ensure that social distancing guidance can be followed without significant manual intervention.

People Counting

From sensing the presence of a mobile phone to using facial recognition, our digital sensor solutions can detect people in a variety of different ways;


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Touchless Interaction

A sanitisation strategy provides one method of reducing the risks of infection but another, technological, option is to use Touchless sensors to allow interaction with digital apps.

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Sanitisation Stations

Sanitiser kiosks can be quickly fitted to existing retail, hospitality or commercial venues. All models feature an integrated LCD display that can be remotely updated and managed.

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Human Temperature Sensing

While some aspects of respiratory infections are relatively easy to identify, mild fevers are less easy to detect. Employers and staff need to be as sure as possible that everyone in a building is symptom free as attendance in the workplace is re-established.

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Appointment Pre-booking

With lockdown restrictions easing, yet no clear end-point to the required social distancing measures, retailers need to offer safe in-store experiences that build customer confidence and enable reduced in-store wait times.

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Queue Communication

In an effort to help reduce the perceived wait time and provide advance information to waiting customers, we’ve created a queue communication system that can be easily retrofitted into any environment.

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