As the adage goes, content is king. Well if true (our research team says it is) then 3D modelling is the king of kings when it comes to the best-in-class content.

With a name like Pixel, we sometimes get confused with a well-known, Disney-owned world leader in 3D-modelling animation but while we’d never dare compare ourselves to the masters of 3D, we do love the thrill and excitement of working on a 3D modelling brief. In fact, our design team’s love for 3D is what led to the birth of Red, our friendly furry pixel mascot.

A large friendly haddock cracking dad jokes?

We’ve worked with some brilliant brand characters over the years, one of our favourites being the iconic Harry Ramsden character Harry the Haddock (as seen above). As part of the multi-million refurbishment of Blackpool Tower’s ground floor, Harry Ramsden wanted an 18-screen videowall for their stage area with content designed to enthrall and entertain. A big 3D Harry cracking gags and playing with the crowd was the obvious answer.

3D Elephants and TV stings for NatWest

Another 3D project we’re very proud of is our work with NatWest and the launch of their new branding in 2017. As part of the launch, a new brand element introduced by NatWest was their colourful cube. With this playful little fellow, we were tasked with building a number of 3D icons and structures to go alongside messaging for the brands digital signage network. We created a plethora of models including houses, piggy banks, laptops, mobiles, cars and even elephants. Our work morhphing the cube with the NatWest logo was even used on their TV campaign.

Within our in-house design studio, we have some seriously talented 3D designers. Why not get in touch today to discuss your next creative campaign and how our skills and passion for 3D can elevate it to new heights?

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