Cosmetic Retail - In-store digital media

digital shelf edge displays 

Target your messages within inches of the product 

It’s widely known that promotional messaging becomes more effective the closer it is to the point of decision. With digital shelf edge displays, you now have the capability to target your messages within inches of the product itself.


We provide everything you need to procure, install, manage and support your digital shelf edge display network. We work closely with clients to ensure that their displays are always on and can provide content design and production services to ensure your shelf-based promotions look as good as everything else in your marketing portfolio. All displays and their interdependent systems are monitored 24/7 by our support desk team and can be maintained on-site by our engineering staff.

Until now, digital shelf edge promotion has been limited by the technology available, with displays either being too large to fit into the space provided by a typical shelf, too limited in their graphical and animation capabilities or lacking in intelligence. Our solutions overcomes all of these traditional issues to provide truly effective retail shelf edge communication and promotion.

With remote management over the network, real-time updates and the ability to be automatically configured by data feeds such as those from your existing EPOS and Planogram systems, our full colour, full motion digital displays are designed specifically for use in a shelf edge context. We have various hardware offerings from a selection of OEM partners, featuring different sizing, resolution and core technology, including LCD backlit and direct LED options. We even have options that can be used inside chillers.


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