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Grab attention at the first major touchpoint of your store, the window!

Digital window displays are an incredibly effective format. They can deliver the all important motion and changes in light that can attract the peripheral vision in a much more effective way than any non-digital format can hope to achieve.


Our very first installation in 2004 was a projection based digital window and, since then, we have gone on to install and support over 1000 others using high bright LCD and LED technologies.


As with all digital displays, it's the content on them that has the greatest impact on audience behaviour. Unless you're a travel or estate agent, where customers are more likely to dwell at your window, you typically have between 3 and 5 seconds to communicate a message​. This makes content design an incredibly important part of any digital window project and where our our award-winning studio resources comes in to play.

Cosmetics Retail - Digital Store Windows
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We can help you turn passers-by into passing trade. Posters and mannequins simply can not compete with digital window screens that actively grab attention with motion onset, colour change and, potentially,  interactivity. We can measure how successful the process is with either audience analytics or helping customers analyse their footfall and sales activity.

Digital displays for store windows need to be bright to be seen during daylight conditions. A ‘standard’ 500cd brightness display will wash out in all but the dullest of days, making specialist high-brightness LCD or LED displays essential. Working with the world’s leading manufacturers in these technologies means we can offer you the gold standard that meets both budget and the physical requirements of a typically varied estate.

If you’ve been down any major high street recently you may have already seen some of our screens in action. Some of our  window display clients include O2, Lloyds Bank, TK Maxx, Argos, Flight Centre , ITSU, Thorntons and Knight Frank

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Our knowledge of the specialist technology combined with our industry expertise can transform your window into a key touch point for customers. From promotional interaction using through-glass touch, to full transactional capabilities, mobile integration via QR codes, and Bluetooth Beacons, the possibilities are limitless.

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