Co-Op employee using interactive notice board to access information about work place communications

digital workplace communications 

Keeping employees up to date, no matter what device they use

Our workplace communication solutions allow staff and visitors to be updated with content relevant to their needs on the devices that are most appropriate to them, whether it’s:

  • Mobile Phone or Tablet (Corporate or BYOD)

  • Desktop

  • Desktop Screensavers

  • Interactive Kiosks

  • Digital Signs

  • Door / Room Booking Displays


We’re experts at presenting dry but important information in an entertaining and effective manner, using all our in-house design, motion graphics and design skills and can assist to whatever degree is needed in your project. An example of an interactive staff communication solution we created for the Co-Op can be seen in the video below. This system was needed to help increase the efficiency of various logistics depots across the UK. It allows staff who don’t normally have access to a PC or phone to be able to see the latest information relevant to them, book annual leave and communicate with the depot managers in a secure and convenient way.

Our content management, integration and distribution platforms provide the necessary tools and infrastructure to get the right content to the right people at the right time on the right screen. They work with your existing systems, including Active Directory, Sharepoint, Office 365, CRM such as Salesforce and any other data source to allow information to be automatically extracted, styled, integrated and presented to users.

We’ve found digital media communications are especially effective in workplace environments where employees don’t have regular access to a PC, such as workshops, factory floors, depots or call centres, where typically useful but un-engaging data such as order volumes or performance statistics can be presented in a more engaging manner, even using gamification techniques to raise the appeal and encourage intra-team competitive behaviours.

It’s not all about the systems, either. We’ve worked with psychology experts at Bangor University to  study the impact effective digital staff communication content can have in workplace locations (a series of factories for some of the biggest FMCG manufacturers in the UK to be precise). We found that a number of attitudes and behaviours can be significantly impacted with the right content, including:

  • A reduction in time spent on non-business websites and social media platforms

  • An increase in self-reported feelings of connectedness to an employer

  • A reduction in smoke and toilet break durations

  • A self-reported increase in how ‘trustworthy’ and ‘sincere’ an employer is


​Corporate communicators can choose to update their digital content across displays, screensavers and mobile apps  in minutes using point and click, web-based technology, combined with automatic integrations to systems such as Yammer, Sharepoint, Outlook, Teams . ​

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