Performance and reliability are key to a successful digital solution and scalable network. At Pixel, we utilise professional grade kit only across all clients and projects so you can rest assured that with us you’ll be getting a best-in-class hardware solution, every time.

Kiosks and totems

Be it for interactive wayfinding, a QSR ordering point or a flexible advertising kiosk that can move from one location to another we can design, produce and install freestanding units to fit any project and brand. 

Media Players

The heart of any digital solution, a pro-grade media player is key to creating truly standout and reliable audience experiences. We offer a host of solutions, all with key benefits for certain solutions. 

Internal LED Displays

If you’re truly wanting to ‘brighten up’ an internal space, then nothing packs as much of a punch as an indoor LED solution. We work closely with manufacturers to create displays to any size and shape, allowing for limitless design options!

Internal LCD Displays

With a seeming global bias to acronyms such as OLED and QLED the poor LCD is often looked down on as some sort of lesser option. But this old workhorse is still a huge player when it comes to digital solutions with bags of potential and huge reliability benefits. 

Window Displays

Utilising high-brightness displays specifically built to work in sunlight, our range of window display solutions are the best way to grab the attention of any passing footfall, be it on the high street, retail park or inside the world’s largest shopping centres. 

Outdoor Displays

Brand-owned large format outdoor displays are still a relatively rare beast when compared to their internal cousins. But with the right kit and right content, utilising the great outdoors can be a key location for clients to target intended audiences in an unexpected and highly memorable way. 

Video wall displays

Be it a 2-screen ‘longee’, 4-screen ‘social media board’ or even 18-screen ‘back of stage’ behemoth, video walls come in a variety of shapes and sizes for our clients. A video wall offers up a large canvas for the best content to flourish upon where a single screen just won’t do. 

Touch Displays

Whether you need a 10″ tablet for customers to bank privately on or an 84″ display for classroom teaching, we use solutions from some of the biggest tech brands to deliver first class interactive experiences. 


Not too long ago, projection was simply too expensive to be a viable solution for most projects. Now with bulb-free, edge-blending laser projection solutions, projectors are coming in to contention for almost all jobs, offering some of the best-looking digital content we’ve ever produced. 

Shelf Edge

Research shows the closer a marketing communication is to the intended product, the greater impact the message is able to have. Why not get as close as possible with a shelf-edge solution using high-resolution displays built to fit any shelf size?

Commercial Audio Systems

In our humble opinion, the best retail experiences are multi-sensory in their approach. Combining our visual solutions with in-store audio means not only can you bring the latest ‘tunes’ to your customers but also create an audio-visual integrated content campaign with ease!

Bespoke Furniture

Sometimes a screen on a wall simply won’t do for the store or office design you are looking for. In this instance, we work with our fabrication partners to design and build the perfect furniture items for your needs. 

Transparent Screens and Display Cases

For some real standout ‘wow’ moments, we offer a range of unique solutions such as transparent displays or spherical projection globes. These can be integrated with bespoke furniture and  cases to create some of the most novel and impactful digital solutions available today.

Battery Powered Displays

For situations where it’s impossible to provide power but you still want to take advantage of all the benefits of digital signage, battery powered displays are now a pragmatic and workable solution to your needs. We’re able to supply a range of off-the-shelf units or build something custom to your exact requirements.

Our Hardware Partners

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