Digital media display showing code club content for Halifax Flagship London utilising in-store audio installation

in-store MUSIC

Craft ambiance and impact behaviour with well curated background audio

The best retail experiences are multi-sensory in their approach. Combining visual solutions from displays, projectors, LED and lighting with audio can really elevate the customer experience, especially when these channels all work together in a synchronised manner.

There are many great reasons to provide an audio soundtrack in your environment:

  • To craft ambience​

  • To create a welcoming environment​

  • To communicate with customers

  • To speed up/slow down shoppers (research has shown tempo in music impacts the tempo of our activity)​

  • To create emotional attachments to a brand (music is a hugely emotive construct and playing the right track for the right listener can strengthen their perception towards a brand)


Our in-store music and radio solutions utilise professional-grade equipment and are designed off-plan to  ensure even, top quality audio coverage. We use multi-zone amplifiers and mixers from the likes of Bose and Audio Pro to provide localised control over the different zones in stores or workplaces, integrating with fire-alarm and paging systems where necessary.

Music can be curated centrally or locally, through the use of web-portals, apps and touch-screen interfaces or you can let us manage your musical playlisting requirements.  We work with several music content suppliers, to allow maximum choice with both royalty free or fully licensed options from the likes of Spotify for business.

Watch below a demo of a custom touch interface we created to allow staff, customers and managers to curate their own in-store radio station , we think it’s one of the best ways to provide simple, local control over your in-store music experience.


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