At Pixel, we want to know that our screens and content are having a tangible and desired effect. Yes, we’ll make you look good but you want results, whether that’s an increase in sales or a reduction in risky work behaviours. That’s why we launched the Pixel Lab. Essentially, we’re trying to change behaviour. And that requires an understanding of how people can be compelled to act in certain ways.

The Pixel Lab team studies, reads and tests all manner of ideas, theories and beliefs from the realms of visual, consumer and communication psychology. Our findings are then applied to all that we do, from content creation to the positioning of screens (the ‘angle of the dangle’ is an often underestimated factor in screen installations). Our team also undertakes research projects for clients who are interested in understanding the impact of their current network.


From The Lab

The Decoy Effect

Also known as the attraction effect or the asymmetric dominance effect, this principle in marketing…
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From The Lab

The Information Overload Phenomenon

In recent years, the digital signage industry has been going from strength to strength as…
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