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eye catching digital for estate agents

These digital window displays are the future for property sales and rental companies. Adopting digital displays allows a property company to cut down on the amount of content and clutter in their windows. The displays will rotate the properties allowing more space and attraction to the window in movement. The screens are 1000 nit and sunlight-readable, so they work effectivity during the day and night-time.

From a sustainability perspective, it allows the business to save money on expensive colour printing, which is better for the environment. In addition, the screens are low on power usage and can be switched off late at night and come back on in the morning when there is more traffic in the area.

The displays can be on 24/7 under their warranty and come with a 3-year commercial warranty. In addition, they support both static and video content, so to focus on the property of the week, one of the displays could feature video content of a home whilst the others can show static property images.

We have the development capabilities of pulling content from your web systems, and if you have a valid API, we could look to automate the process so that you only show property available in real-time and are not promoting a property that is no longer available.

Furthermore, if you have 360-degree virtual walkthroughs for key properties we can bring this to life by displaying a QR code for scanning on the property displays and taking the viewer directly to this content on your website to really give them all the information they need to view the property and retain the details instantly on their mobile phone.

The screens are WIFI enabled and also can be connected by ethernet. There is no need for any messy wires in your window as the displays are powered by the rods they clip onto, and they can be shown in portrait or landscape and different arrays. They work on standard power and only require one power outlet per column.

Other businesses who can benefit from this type of window display are financial Investment Companies, IFA’s and Travel Companies