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Your advert is looking the wrong way!

We found ourselves at an intriguing conference where some of the best consumer psychology university students presented the latest research. One piece that really caught our eye related to the impact of where actors and models were looking in print and video advertisements.

A brilliant study looked at six different print ads and two videos. Each was for the same product but created differently so that the models used were looking either at the audience or at the advertised product. Though it was believed that a model looking directly to the audience would have a stronger positive impact on viewer attitudes and perceptions, it was actually found that participants were more likely to positively rate products when models were looking directly at them.

Not only did a model looking at a product significantly improve ratings such as ‘quality’, ‘value’ and ‘likelihood to purchase’ but eye-tracking results showed a longer average attention time too.

So, next time you’re looking to create killer content, consider exactly what it is your models/actors are focusing on to reap the rewards of focused gaze. If you would like to gain a better understanding of some of the fascinating science that can impact both digital and traditional marketing creative or if you have a research project needing our input, please get in touch today.