Queue management screens at TK Maxx store

queue management

Call forwarding and entertaining customers whilst they wait

Managing queues for Cash desks is simple with a digital solution. But more than this, it provides an excellent opportunity to engage with your customers due to the positive correlation between dwell time and attention paid to screens.

Our queue management solutions were borne out of an initial project with our long-standing client, TK Maxx, who had a legacy call-forward system in place across their store network. This provided, simple push-button audio notifications to the audience, but had no visual element to accompany the alert. We created an integration with this existing Qmatic solution, which allowed the displays behind the counter to automatically show the appropriate call-forward message when a cashier triggered it.

We have gone on to create our own in-house call forward solutions, using both wired and wireless hardware, providing customers with the best price performance solutions on the market. 

In addition to call forwarding, we can also provide automatic queue sensing systems that provide real-time information on dwell times and capacity. This data can be utilised to increase efficiencies in several ways, such as:

  • Directing customers to less busy queues or automated kiosks

  • Provide intelligent wayfinding -directing customers to the most efficient resource

  • Adapting promotional activity to reflect and capitalise on dwell times

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