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Leverage user-generated content to add relevancy to your messaging 

With the proliferation of social media over the last decade, a huge opportunity exists for marketers and brands to utilise user-generated content (UGC) within their marketing mix.


UGC can have a huge impact upon attitudes and behaviours of viewers due to the perceived ‘trustworthiness’ and ‘accuracy’ that organic, customer supplied content benefits from.

Unsurprisingly, many organisations want to bring social media activity into their retail or workspaces to help connect the online and real-world environments. We’ve been integrating social media content into out of home digital displays for over 9 years when we first worked with Nokia to bring a bespoke, 6-screen social media dashboard to their international head offices in Finland, London and California.

Since then, we’ve brought social content into Argos, Urban Decay, Screwfix, Offspring, several retail banks, and House of Fraser to name but a few. We have also worked with the likes of Harry Ramsden, Manchester Central and London Olympia on projects allowing users to create and share content in those locations to screens (and social media accounts) owned by the brands.

It’s not just about tweets, either. You can use social content from virtually all of the major platforms including Instagram, Reevo and Bazaarvoice, as well as share of voice and demographic statistics to illustrate how well and how widely your brand is heard!

Moderation and curation of content is key. For this, we provide several methods to our clients. Firstly, we have an iOS and Android app, which allows simple and rapid moderation of your aggregated content, but if you'd prefer a more hands-off, we can provide moderation as part of our managed service roster.  

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