In the era of IoT and with the heavy reliance the future of retail will have on technology, system integration is a key focus for us here at Pixel. Not only does integration between multiple technologies and systems open up ever more connected experiences for audiences, but it can also dramatically decrease the amount of input required by staff in updating media across a digital network.

The beauty of working with software such as Scala is the high level of integration we are able to offer our clients. Be it linking a media player to lighting systems to create a store ambience synched with specific content, or plugging in a back-of-house stock checking system to control content playback, we’ve plenty of experience with integrating a huge array of systems with our solutions.

Leveraging UGC to connect with a tech-savvy audience

One of the frequent requests we have from clients is if it’s possible, and how best to, utilise the huge amounts of content produced via social media instore. It makes sense, that considering the rich, authentic and usually entirely organic ‘real-world’ content brands can now gather from their audiences, that they’d want to explore how to use this across traditional bricks and mortar locations. Happily, all our solutions allow for content from 27 social media channels to be utilised on screen, with content able to be fully moderated prior to on-screen publication.

Bring local traffic and travel news to staff and customers alike

The ability for our solutions to take a data feed from almost any source and create fully dynamic, client-specific content is a real key to why our solutions are so popular across the globe. Corporate communication clients such as RBS and Bunzl benefit from feeds such as BBC News/Weather, London Underground and Edinburgh Tram updates while retail clients such as Sainsbury’s Bank can pull the latest currency exchanges rates from Travelex or even carry out live price comparisons with competitors.

If you have any questions on whether or not our solutions would be compatible with your existing systems, or would like to know more on the different ways we integrate multiple technologies together to create award-winning visual experiences, get in touch today.

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