In the era of IoT and with the heavy reliance the future of retail will have on technology, system integration is a key focus for us here at Pixel. Not only does integration between multiple technologies and systems open up ever more connected experiences for audiences, but it can also dramatically decrease the amount of ongoing resource required to update media across a digital network.

One of the key benefits of working with Pixel is the high level of software and data integration we are able to offer. We’ve had a heavy emphasis on the more technical elements of digital media networks since our inception and have a highly experienced team of developers on staff with all the skills necessary to architect create and maintain virtually any system or data integration, including EPOS, Databases, Hardware and Flat Files, through to more contemporary APIs based on Rest and GraphQL.

If you have any questions on whether or not our solutions would be compatible with your existing systems (the answer will always be yes, provided we can get access to the data), or would like to know more on the different ways we integrate multiple technologies together to create award-winning visual experiences, get in touch today.

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