In-store digital media content being displayed within cosmetics department

digital signage solutions

Whether you're looking to grab shopper's attention or pass on key messaging to your employees, our in-store digital solutions are here to help.

Cosmetics Retail - Digital Store Windows


LED displays are quickly becoming the go-to choice for large formats and bespoke shapes and for good reason.

Members of publc walking past o2 window on High Street whilst being tracked by Audience Analytics


​We have a range of audience and customer measurement tools for performance analysis of your content campaigns and physical estates.

Co-Op employee using interactive notice board to access information about work place communications

digital workplace Communication

Why send emails that can be junked, or post on easily ignored notice boards? Communicate effectively with your staff using effective, automated digital solutions and content.

Family about to dine in Harry Ramsden's having their photo taken using a digital booth

Digital Photo booths

Create a unique experience for your customers and increase organic online interactions with audiences with a digital photobooth.

Social media wall and picture Pod for Harry Ramsden launch

Social Media

Let us bring social media activity into your retail or workspace to help connect the online and physical worlds.

Lego digital shelf edge custom display

digital Shelf Edge Displays

With digital shelf edge displays, you now have the capability to target your messages within inches of the product itself.

Retail - wayfinding - Kingfisher 2.jpg

Interactive Wayfinding

No matter the size of your space, we can provide software and kiosks to navigate buildings, large campuses and even cruise ships.

Kiehl's store window display

Digital store

If you’ve been down any major high street recently you may have already seen some of our screens in action. Some of our clients include O2, Lloyds banks, TK Maxx, Waitrose and Argos.

Healthcare - Patient Communication - Lee


Hospitals and surgeries are busy places. We can help you talk with your patients effectively and keep them up to date with the latest key information.

Digital media display showing code club content for Halifax Flagship London utilising in-store audio installation

In-store audio

Be it simple background music, timed audio alerts or 'takeovers' linked to other in-store media, audio plays a vital role in effective in-store design.

Pixel Inspiration staff consulting client on conference call


With decades of experience, our team of designers, developers, project managers, consumer psychologists and install experts are here to advise on any project.

Halifax Bank Flagship digital media display, interactive globe and tablet

interactive design + development

We're experts at creating integrated, interactive experiences that elevate or streamline your in-store or customer experience.

Restaurants - digital menu boards - Itsu

Digital menu boards

Use integrated digital technology to elevate the performance of your Quick Service Restaurant or Coffee Shop.

Travel Agents Digital Rateboards - Sainsburys Bank

foreign exchange boards

Updated manually or automatically, communicate your latest rates in the most efficient and eye catching way.

Queue management content displayed on digital screens within TK Maxx store


Queues are an often unavoidable evil in the world of retail. Why not manage them with ease whilst also promoting to a captive, highly-engaged audience?

Projection wall within Lloyds Bank

Projection Solutions

We've been creating some of the most compelling and unique projection based digital solutions for over 15 years.


Electronic shelf

Wireless, battery powered e-ink displays provide for efficient operations and the ability to implement dynamic pricing  across a bricks and mortar operation


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