Our research has shown that digital signage is a highly effective corporate communication tool. With our help it can play an important role in keeping your staff informed and motivated.

Engage your staff and reap the benefits!

Our solutions allow place-based media to be displayed directly in front of the people you want to reach. No need for unread emails or dreary newsletters. Instead, you get dynamic, constantly changing screens that grab attention and inspire. We’ve found digital signage is especially effective in workplace environments where employees don’t have regular access to a PC, such as workshops, factory floors or depots. It’s also really effective in call centres.

In partnership with Bangor University, we undertook a study looking at the impact effective digital signage content can have in a workplace location (a series of factories for some of the biggest FMCG manufacturers in the UK to be precise). We found that a number of attitudes and behaviours can be significantly impacted with the right content, including:

  • A reduction in time spent on non-business websites and social media platforms
  • An increase in self-reported feelings of connectedness to an employer
  • A reduction in smoke and toilet break durations
  • A self-reported increase in how ‘trustworthy’ and ‘sincere’ an employer is

Corporate communicators can update their network of signs in minutes using point and click, web-based technology. With our range of specialist off-the-shelf content, you can have a network up and running in less than a day.

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