Between 3 to 5 seconds…

That’s how long it takes the average shopper to pass by your store window. That’s the absolute maximum amount of time you can hope to have to ‘sell’ your business or products to passers-by. When you then consider the fact that passers-by are goal-orientated, distracted by phones, cars, friends etc. and not yet a customer  (so not all that willing to spend their precious time listening to what you have to say), it becomes clear that the true amount of time you have to communicate is far reduced again.

Obviously then, digital windows need to play content specifically built for their position and the fast-pace, low-involvement audience they are trying to entice and speak to. That’s where our award-winning studio comes in.

Attract customers at the first opportunity

We can help you turn passers-by into passing trade. Posters and mannequins simply can not compete with digital window screens that actively grab attention with motion onset, colour change and interactivity.

Digital displays for store windows need to be bright to be seen by your audience during daylight conditions. A ‘standard’ screen in a window is going to lose the ‘bright fight’ even on the cloudiest of days. When it comes to windows, specialist high-brightness screens or custom-built LED displays are essential. Working with the world’s leading manufacturers in these technologies means we can offer you the gold standard in window display technologies.

If you’ve been down any major high street recently you may have already seen some of our screens in action. Some of our clients include O2, Lloyds banks, TK Maxx, Waitrose and Argos.

Turn your window into an extension of your store

Our specialist technology combined with our industry expertise can transform your window into a key touch point for customers. From promotional interaction, through to full transactional capabilities and mobile integration, the possibilities are limitless.

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