Very few people enjoy a visit to the doctors, even fewer when it comes to hospitals. But we have a small way of making that experience more pleasant and efficient. Digital screens can be an invaluable tool for health communicators, offering up advice and navigational help to patients unfamiliar with the layout and procedures of the location.

Reduce stress, improve performance and entertain your patients

Our patient comms units are aimed at those waiting for appointments or passing through hospitals in particular. Offering up a varied mix of useful information such as current waiting times, health tips, cafe menus and even toilet location and availability. Screens are also often used for entertainment purposes, with our development team creating bespoke templates allowing some portion of a screen to be used to show film and television programmes, or our design team creating text-based news and weather content items to play periodically as part of the play loop.

Wayfinding is also a key element of the work we do across patient communication projects. Trying to navigate your way around a huge medical complex, especially when you may have pressing concerns already playing on the mind, can be a daunting challenge. By offering digital wayfinding kiosks that allow users to print or download directions to a smartphone, hospitals can simplify this process and reduce stress upon their patients.

We’ve been working for NHS Trusts and private hospitals for many years now, building up a serious amount of experience working with this unique audience and we know what we’re doing in this relatively niche environment. This is a solution that can reduce stress, help processes run smoother and enhance patient experiences.

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