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Interactive Vehicle Showroom Solutions

Volvo Cars started producing automobiles in Sweden in 1927. Today, they’re global, with sales in about 100 countries, including the UK.

The challenge

Volvo were looking for a digital solution to presenting the specific details of each car in showrooms across the UK. Before we became involved, trials had been undertaken using iPads and had highlighted the typical issues of using consumer tablets in a professional, commercial setting. Volvo wanted us to find a commercial grade option.

Our approach

We suggested the use of a commercial ‘All in one’ unit,which were available in a range of form factors more suitable to a permanently installed digital touch point. The unit deemed most appropriate to the requirement was Aopen’s Chromebase Commercial, a 22” retail hardened all in one touch screen solution running Google’s Chrome OS. This unit solved all of the issues in play and allowed for remote management and content update via various API calls. Our software development team worked with the various stakeholders in the project to ensure that content updates were automatically applied through a system integration with an existing back-office management portal.

the outcome

With over 400 units already installed across the UK showroom network, the Chromebases provided a reliable and fit for purpose solution to the requirement presented. We’re also able to independently monitor and support 24/7 each unit via the Google Chrome Enterprise management interfaces.


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